Results of an observational study

Here you will find the results of an observational study (published on December 12, 2010) which we have carried out in view of the Biodynamic-Energetic-Method in Griesheim and Bensheim (Southern Hesse)

A first completed observational study was focussed on the verification of the transferability of the new, effective Biodynamic-Energetic-Method to an excipient.


This observational study was compared to the results of sheer clinical treatments. There were an intervention and a control group.

Aim of the observational study was the testing and the advancement of an excipient which has the ability to dissolve discrepancies in the organic-substantial range as well as in the limbic-vegetative range and the neurolymphatic system.


We would like to inform you the following results.

Explanatory notes on the graphics and assessment of the data situation:

The graphics represent the observed improvements of the sensitivities from about 100 users (within the framework of the observational study).


In all cases a one-time treatment according to the Biodynamic-Energetic-Method and the excipient were used. Immediately after their treatment, all those interested have got the excipient according to their sensitivities for a period of 30 days. The intake took place once daily, usually at breakfast. Four weeks after the first treatment, a survey was made about the most different sensitivities, thereout results the outcome which is shown below. If a 100% reharmonisation coulnd't be achieved, it is possible that new systematic disharmonies could slip in and give rise to new physiological blockades. With optimisation of the method capsule it should be possible through an intelligent information changeover on the micromolecular-biological plane to trigger revitalisations in the limbic and neurolymphatic system among other things, that similar to frequent repeats, initiate learning processes and structual verifiable alteration on the cellular plane, as requested.


Average improvement of the sensetivities: